Meet “College Isn’t Necessary” Author Lynzee Stauss

Meet 19 year old Lynzee Stauss. The author of “College isn’t necessary”. Lynzee believes that women should not have to go to college. Why you ask? Well because the boys should have to, and these boys need to work if they want to have a good life. She believes that a husband should get home from work so she can “go out to eat with all the money he makes and also pay the bills.” You can read the rest of her grammatically amusing article below.

But is this real? Or is it some sort of internet hoax aimed at garnering attention for a website? Well, we did some searching of social networking sites and found Lynzee, added her as a friend, and she accepted. We think she has yet to realize her recent internet fame. Or that all of her photos are going to be circulated around the internet now that they are public domain.

College Isnt Necessary

So what do we do now that she has revealed everything to us? We release it, of course. Because even Libby Hoeller knows, once you post something to the internet you can’t take it back.

Below you will find her profile and albums including her mother who undoubtedly is partially responsible for instilling this brilliant logic upon her child. We cant help but wonder, did Lynzee’s mother go to college? Did she find a man who is successful and “treats her like a princess”? We hope not, because uh, well you can see her mother below and draw your own conclusion. (It would be kind of a bum deal for him!)

MySpace Stats:

About me:
my name is lynzee. im 18i love life i absolutly LOVE my boyfriend he treats me like a princess. He is my prince charming. And there is nobody out there for me better then him. I have two of the most AMAZING friends. Amber and Charisma I dont know what I would do without them.

After further consideration, there have been some business objections to the rest of the content in this post. Thus, at the request of our owners it has been removed until we can get full approval.

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