Hottest Student Bodies Part 3

30. Duke

Hot Duke Cheerleader

I’m sure Dick Vitale would have Duke’s women #1 in the land, but I think this is pretty fair. I’m sure Duke fans will be upset when they see further down the list that North Carolina has trumped them again.

29. Utah

Hot Utah Girls

Everyone knows it I think, Mormon girls are generally pretty hot. But I’m guessing you get a slightly less crazy student body at Utah than you do at BYU, which is why we went with the Utes for our list.

28. North Carolina

Hot North Carolina Fan

Powder blue is a good color on most girls, and UNC co-eds wear it especially well. They also have a reputation as being slightly less bookish than their Duke counterparts, which, for the purposes of this list anyway, is a good thing.

27. Michigan State

Hot Michigan State Girl

Michigan State girls have the reputation of being a little slower than their Michigan sisters who go to school in Ann Arbor. But who cares when they look like this? I’d definitely prefer to find myself in Lansing.

26. UNLV

UNLV Hot Dance Girl

You know that girls attending college in Sin City are going to be hot. Common sense would suggest the student stripper population is probably higher at UNLV than any other college in the country.

25. Tennessee

Tennessee Hot Girl

From Rocky Top:

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top,
Half bear the other half cat;

Pretty much sums it up.

24. Ohio State

Hot Ohio State Girls

Ohio State is usually the largest University in the country (sometimes slipping to number two behind Texas), so it’s pretty much impossible not to find gorgeous girls. When you’ve got a sample size of 25k+ you’re always going to be in good shape.

23. Kentucky

Ashley Judd Kentucky Jersey

Kentucky girls are some of the sweetest you’ll ever find, and if you’re a basketball fan then these girls are right up your alley because they are probably more basketball crazy than any other college in the country. Legend has it they make pretty sweet mint juleps too.

22. Wisconsin

When I started this list I had Wisconsin buried in the bottom half of this list, but I had to bump them after seeing picture after picture of ridiculously hot Badger women. Maybe its the cheese, I’m not sure. But they certainly earned their bump.

21. Arizona

Arizona Hot Girls

I never thought of Arizona as a hot girl mecca, but apparently I should have. Arizona women are smoking hot, appropriately enough for the climate.

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