Hottest Student Bodies Part 2

40. Stanford

Stanford Front

Stanford girls get an unfair reputation for being bookish and not all that attractive, but if you want to date a future political power player or high profile attorney this is the place to go. And power (not to mention money) is pretty hot.

39. Iowa

Hot Iowa Girls

University of Iowa girls are stereotypically innocent and pure of heart, possibly because of all the stereotypical corn they are eating. But then again there’s the old stereotype about the farmer’s daughter … which to believe?

38. Purdue

Purdue Hot Girls

Purdue and Indiana probably should have been tied for this list, but we’ll give the edge to Purdue based on the slightly higher perceived intelligence.

37. Penn State

Penn State Hot Girl

The girls here live in a place called Happy Valley. The name holds up. Plus they can apparently hold things with their feet, which is weirdly awesome.

36. Oklahoma

Hot Oklahoma Girls

Oklahoma girls clearly know how to dress for a football game. Major points for that.

35. Nebraska

Cute Nebraska girls

When even the mascot mentions corn I think you know what you’re getting into here. More with the wholesome and sweet.

34. Colorado

Colorado Hot Girl

Hot girls aren’t just attracted to beaches and sunshine, they also love the snow. The University of Colorado has had a ski club since 1933, and it’s the largest collegiate ski club in the country.

33. North Carolina State

North Carolina State Hot Girl

North Carolina State suffers in comparison to its rival in Chapel Hill, but it shouldn’t because the girls here are top notch. North Carolina must be a great place to go to school pretty much no matter what college you choose to attend.

32. Michigan

Michigan Hot Girl

Michigan is one of the finer public schools in the country, so not only will you find some hot girls, she’ll probably be able to hold a conversation with you.

31. Vanderbilt

Vandy Cheerleader

Vanderbilt spends much of its time getting pushed around the SEC, what with it being the token “smart” school in the conference, but its women manage to hold their own. You get a particularly wealthy and cultured type of southern girl at Vanderbilt. Also, most of the girls are in sororities, which means they are probably easy and drunk most of the time. Or maybe I’ve watched too many college movies, one or the other.

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