Jan 14
16 year old throws a huge party, isnt sorry.
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Cory, A 16 year old teenager throws a huge party at home while his parents are gone. His neighbors cars are destroyed, the cops come, and he’s royally busted. On top of it all they police are threatening to bill him for their services from between $18,000-$20,000. Is he sorry? Nope. It ‘wasnt his party’ since it occured in the street.

Our favorite quotes include:

Reporter: Why dont you take your glasses off so we can see you, and then apologize.

Cory: No, nah, I’ll leave these on, I like em.

Reporter: Why dont you make a grown up decision now and accept responsibility, take off those glasses, and apologize to everyone. Take off, take off your glasses

Cory: I’ll say sorry but I wont take off my glasses.

Reporter: Why not?

Cory: Because they’re famous.

Reporter: I suggest you go away and take a good long hard look at yourself

Cory: I have, everyone has, they love it.

Jan 14
How To Open A Beer Bottle With A Chainsaw
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Jan 10
Your Stomach As A Bouncer
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And thats when the crazy people always crash the party. Who always shows up to end the night. Tequila. And Tequila doesnt show up alone there’s always 8 or 9 of em lined up. Your stomach gets all brave “How ya doin Tequila, listen, listen, its gettin’ a little late, I let you in three weeks ago and you ruined the place”.

Dec 17
Prank: Non-Alcoholic Keg Party
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An evil Princeton student takes advantage of the Placebo Effect to trick some fellow students. You cant make this stuff up:

Prankster: “You’ll get so wasted!”
Naive Freshman: “I’m willing to take that risk though, because I’m in college!”

Dec 15
Bartender Secrets and Scams
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This British TV show ‘The Real Scam’ goes over some possible yet unlikely bartender scams they can pull on their customers. Including dipping the rim of the glass in alcohol, using smaller measuring cups, and modified pourers. Not exactly rocket science.