Mar 26
Hottest Student Bodies Part 1
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50. Illinois

University Of Illinois

Nothing better than a hot girl who is also smart, and the University of Illinois embraces that belief to the fullest. A creative student at UofI put together a “Girls of Engineering” for the 2007 year and the picture above graced the cover. Sign me up for the 2008 edition.

49. Missouri

University Of Missouri

University of Missouri women love their football, and they had a lot to cheer about this past season when the Tigers finished fifth in the country. And we have a lot to cheer about when it comes to fans that look like the two above.

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Dec 17
Prank: Non-Alcoholic Keg Party
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An evil Princeton student takes advantage of the Placebo Effect to trick some fellow students. You cant make this stuff up:

Prankster: “You’ll get so wasted!”
Naive Freshman: “I’m willing to take that risk though, because I’m in college!”

Dec 17
Dorm Fun
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A couple of students have fun with illusions and some nifty software dubbed ‘The Rasterbator’. Essentially it lets you take pictures and turn them into a large PDF spanning multiple pages to create murals like this. Well done guys, well done. Our hats off to you.

dorm door illusion

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