Jul 13
Retarded Acts Of Drinking
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Retarded acts of drinking are nothing like the conventional ‘drinking game’.  They cannot be classified as drinking games because there is really no way to win.  Peer pressure, bad judgment, and a need for attention will almost guarantee that you’ll be the moron performing one of these acts.  We’ve singled out 5 of the most pointless, so that you may think back to this article when you’re being hoisted high above a keg this weekend.

5) The Shotgun

How To: Puncture bottom of beer can, place your mouth on the opening, and open the beer.  This results in beer flowing into your mouth at high rates of speed.

Retarded Acts Of Drinking Shotgun

You would be better off: Just drinking a beer fast.  Shotgunning a beer leaves about 1/4 of your beer on the floor.  Unless you live in a frat house or trailer park there is no reason to shotgun a beer.

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Apr 2
Hottest Student Bodies Part 5
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10. Louisiana State University

LSU Girls

Cajun girls have irresistible accents that make them extra attractive. LSU also has great cheerleaders, and their marching band even gets into the act, featuring a subunit called the LSU Golden Girls.

9. University of Georgia

Hot Georgia Girls

There’s still a lot of Scarlett O’Hara in Georgia girls. Like most southern women they take a huge amount of pride in their appearance, so it’s unlikely you’re going to see Bulldog girls wearing sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts all that often. Which is a definite plus.

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Apr 1
Hottest Student Bodies Part 4
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20. South Florida

Hot USF Girls

Surprising fact not too many people probably realize: USF is the ninth largest school in the country, as measured by student population. Not so surprising fact: lots and lots of hot girls go to USF, drawn by the gorgeous Tampa weather.

19. Washington

Hot Washington Cheerleader

The Huskies features lots of hot back to nature type of girls who are attending the school because of the beautiful natural setting. Mt. Ranier is visible from campus, and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays.

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Mar 31
Hottest Student Bodies Part 3
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30. Duke

Hot Duke Cheerleader

I’m sure Dick Vitale would have Duke’s women #1 in the land, but I think this is pretty fair. I’m sure Duke fans will be upset when they see further down the list that North Carolina has trumped them again.

29. Utah

Hot Utah Girls

Everyone knows it I think, Mormon girls are generally pretty hot. But I’m guessing you get a slightly less crazy student body at Utah than you do at BYU, which is why we went with the Utes for our list.

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Mar 28
Hottest Student Bodies Part 2
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40. Stanford

Stanford Front

Stanford girls get an unfair reputation for being bookish and not all that attractive, but if you want to date a future political power player or high profile attorney this is the place to go. And power (not to mention money) is pretty hot.

39. Iowa

Hot Iowa Girls

University of Iowa girls are stereotypically innocent and pure of heart, possibly because of all the stereotypical corn they are eating. But then again there’s the old stereotype about the farmer’s daughter … which to believe?

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