Mar 31
Hottest Student Bodies Part 3
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30. Duke

Hot Duke Cheerleader

I’m sure Dick Vitale would have Duke’s women #1 in the land, but I think this is pretty fair. I’m sure Duke fans will be upset when they see further down the list that North Carolina has trumped them again.

29. Utah

Hot Utah Girls

Everyone knows it I think, Mormon girls are generally pretty hot. But I’m guessing you get a slightly less crazy student body at Utah than you do at BYU, which is why we went with the Utes for our list.

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Mar 28
Hottest Student Bodies Part 2
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40. Stanford

Stanford Front

Stanford girls get an unfair reputation for being bookish and not all that attractive, but if you want to date a future political power player or high profile attorney this is the place to go. And power (not to mention money) is pretty hot.

39. Iowa

Hot Iowa Girls

University of Iowa girls are stereotypically innocent and pure of heart, possibly because of all the stereotypical corn they are eating. But then again there’s the old stereotype about the farmer’s daughter … which to believe?

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Mar 26
Hottest Student Bodies Part 1
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50. Illinois

University Of Illinois

Nothing better than a hot girl who is also smart, and the University of Illinois embraces that belief to the fullest. A creative student at UofI put together a “Girls of Engineering” for the 2007 year and the picture above graced the cover. Sign me up for the 2008 edition.

49. Missouri

University Of Missouri

University of Missouri women love their football, and they had a lot to cheer about this past season when the Tigers finished fifth in the country. And we have a lot to cheer about when it comes to fans that look like the two above.

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Mar 21
DUI Suspect Hides Keys in Box……Her’s.
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Let’s take a poll on this one:

So you’ve been drinking a fair amount of vino and hop in the car with your two young children. Pretty soon you see the cherries flashing in your rear view mirror and pull over. You’re drunk and you know it. Time to make a serious choice.

Do you:
A) Tell the cop you’ve had some wine and take the field sobriety test.
B) Politely decline a field sobriety test, breathalyzer or any other test and keep quiet until you get a lawyer cause you KNOW you’re drunk.
C) Hide your keys in your vagina and insist that you weren’t driving. Then proceed to swear at the cop when they ask you to take a field sobriety test until they arrest you, strip search you and find out exactly what you were hiding.

At a St. Patty’s day party this weekend I talked to a cop and a lawyer about this question. Both said option B is the best choice if you know you’re drunk. Now, I was a little hammered at the time, but I’m just about certain that nothing even CLOSE to option C was mentioned in our conversation. However, according to the Peterleemail that was the exact advice given to 38 year old Jennifer Lowery by a friend. Here’s how it went down:

“She was asked to produce the keys and disputes she had driven the vehicle and was searched,” added Mrs Jones.

She said this was followed by an “intimate search”, which she also called a “strip search”.

Mrs Jones said that although Lowery maintained she had not been driving, she admitted she had hidden the keys because a friend had told her you could not be charged without the keys.

So make a serious ‘note to self’ ladies… (car keys + vagina != no DUI).

Mar 18
Hot Teachers, Seduced Students
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In the last few years it seems that being a teacher and sleeping with your students is the ‘in’ thing to do. So we compiled a list of some of the hottest teachers to, ahem, inappropriately relate with their students.

Cameo Patch

Cameo Patch
Age at time of offense: 29
Location: Toole County, UT

Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Lover: 17 year-old male student
Crime: Performing oral sex on a minor. Charged with unlawful sexual conduct and lewdness
Sentence: $2000 fine, 36 months probation and ordered to obtain a psycho-sexual evaluation.

Angela Comer

Angela Comer
Age at time of offense: 26
Location: Kentucky

Occupation: Middle School Math Teacher
Lover: 14 year-old male student
Crime: Fled the country with a 14-year-old lover and her four-year-old son.
Sentence: Indicted by a grand jury in Kentucky on felony custodial interference, two counts of third-degree sodomy and four counts of unlawful transaction with a minor relating to sexual acts.

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