Feb 15
This Neighbor Sign War Makes Us Laugh.
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About six weeks ago the sign on the right popped up in a yard that said “John Lebron at 3006 is a felon on probation”. 3006 is the address of the house next door. About three days later, a crudely drawn sign appeared in the yard of 3006 that said “This is true. I was a drug addict, but have been saved by Jesus Christ, my Savior”. That sign lasted only a few days and was eventually replaced by the sign you see here on the left which reads “Our neighbor is impotent and can’t have children”.

Sign War

Feb 12
Florida Prison of Booze, Sports and Orgies
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Prison Party House

Good news for all you criminal justice majors out there. There’s a chance you could get placed at a prison with booze, sports and crazy drunken orgies. According to CNN, one of the nation’s largest prisons in Florida has gone through some serious in-house cleaning:

“Corruption had gone to an extreme,” McDonough said, saying it all began at the top. “They seemed to be drunk half the time and had orgies the other half, when they weren’t taking money and beating each other up.”

Some of the other action included:

• Top prison officials admitting to kickbacks;

• Guards importing and selling steroids in an effort to give them an edge on the softball field;

• Taxpayer funds to pay for booze and women;

Now I’m not saying all prisons should be like this, but should you find yourself working at one, be sure to send your high school guidance counselor something nice.

Feb 8
Meet “College Isn’t Necessary” Author Lynzee Stauss
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Meet 19 year old Lynzee Stauss. The author of “College isn’t necessary”. Lynzee believes that women should not have to go to college. Why you ask? Well because the boys should have to, and these boys need to work if they want to have a good life. She believes that a husband should get home from work so she can “go out to eat with all the money he makes and also pay the bills.” You can read the rest of her grammatically amusing article below.

But is this real? Or is it some sort of internet hoax aimed at garnering attention for a website? Well, we did some searching of social networking sites and found Lynzee, added her as a friend, and she accepted. We think she has yet to realize her recent internet fame. Or that all of her photos are going to be circulated around the internet now that they are public domain.

College Isnt Necessary

So what do we do now that she has revealed everything to us? We release it, of course. Because even Libby Hoeller knows, once you post something to the internet you can’t take it back.

Below you will find her profile and albums including her mother who undoubtedly is partially responsible for instilling this brilliant logic upon her child. We cant help but wonder, did Lynzee’s mother go to college? Did she find a man who is successful and “treats her like a princess”? We hope not, because uh, well you can see her mother below and draw your own conclusion. (It would be kind of a bum deal for him!)

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Feb 8
Mom Gives 11 Year Old Beer And Marijuana For Birthday
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Mom Gives 11 Year Old Beer And Marijuana For BirthdayAhhh, they grow up so fast, dont they?

An Indiana woman was arrested Wednesday on charges she gave her 11-year-old daughter alcohol and marijuana as a birthday gift, according to reports.

Davita Fuller, 26, of Anderson, Ind., has been charged with one felonious count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after cops alleged the woman offered beer and pot to her daughter and three of her friends during a birthday party on Feb. 1, according to reports.

Fuller’s daughter accepted the invitation, according to eyewitnesses.

“They saw her tip the alcohol beverage up and they saw her inhale what they described as a blunt,” said Det. Joel Sandefur of the Anderson Police Department.

Fuller told police that she was smoking pot and drinking beer with her adult friends at the party, but denied giving them to her daughter, police said.

“This is something we’re not going to tolerate,” Sandefur said.

Feb 5
Buckle Up That Beer
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Buckle Up That BeerST. AUGUSTINE, FL — Investigators say a woman accused of drunk driving had a case of beer buckled up safely, and a one year old girl sitting in the backseat without a seatbelt or car seat.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a deputy saw a car drive through a red light and swerve back and forth over the center lane on U.S. 1 South.

The deputy stopped the car.

Investigators say the woman, who identified herself as Tina Williams, smelled of alcohol.

According to the report, Williams told the deputy she never had a license and was running out of gas.

The deputy saw a case of Busch beer in the front seat with a seat belt around it, and a baby girl in the backseat.

When asked why the girl wasn’t restrained, Williams reportedly told the officer, “I don’t know.”

Williams told the deputy she had a few drinks. Authorities say she staggered when she got out of her car.

The deputy arrested her for DUI after she failed a field sobriety test.

Authorities also found two silver metal pipes in her purse.

Williams faces charges of driving under the influence, child endangerment, driving without a valid license running a red light and not having a seatbelt or child restraint.