Jan 30
Third of teens ‘drink to get drunk’
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(isnt that the point?)

Young people are binge-drinking at an increasingly early age, with serious consequences for health and crime, according to new research.

A poll of youngsters involved in a national youth programme found 42% started drinking before they were 13, with 29% saying they drink to get drunk.

The national poll questioned 1,250 10 to 19-year-olds involved in the Government-funded Positive Futures programme, which offers sport and vocational programmes to disadvantaged young people.

Half (50%) said they had been involved in fighting or aggressive behaviour as a result of drinking, and a quarter (24%) had been in trouble with the police. Other effects differed in relation to gender, with one in three young females admitting to greater sexual irresponsibility and young males reporting higher levels of vandalism.

One fifth (18%) had experienced memory loss and the same amount had taken another drug while drinking. Half claimed their parents condoned or did not care about their drinking, and 42% knew family and friends with alcohol-related problems.

Just over half (52%) bought alcohol from a local corner shop, off licence or supermarket, and up to 44% drank it in their park, street or elsewhere in their housing area. But the poll also found 46% thought sports and other positive activities would reduce alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour.

Clare Checksfield, the chief executive of Crime Concern, which manages the Positive Futures programme, said: “When young people are drinking young, then prevention work has to start early too. Now is the time to act.

“We need to tackle a wider drinking culture and together make certain that parents and peer groups are involved. Young people are taking risks with their health and with their future by getting involved in alcohol-related violence.”

She added: “We need to build on the Positive Futures model of developing strong relationships with young people based on trust, and try to reach out to as many young people as possible.”

Vernon Coaker, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Crime Reduction, said: “Alongside tough, systematic enforcement of the law we are working with local authorities and schools to educate young people about alcohol harm at an early stage. A major research programme currently under way will develop this work further and identify what makes the biggest impact on the young. This research will help to shape the future direction of drug and alcohol education across the country.”

Jan 16
Drunk History With Michael Cera
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On August 6th 2007, Mark Gagliardi drank a bottle of Scotch…
And then discussed a famous historical event.

That night history was made…Drunk History

Jan 15
Beer Fights Cancer
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Researchers in Germany say that a cancer-fighting substance found in hops could be enhanced to brew a special anti-cancer beer.

The discovery could lead to healthier beers and food supplements.

One day when you hold up a glass and say, “To your health,” you would actually be toasting a triumph of the brewer’s art over disease.

The preliminary studies indicate xanthohumol, found in hops, inhibits a family of enzymes that can trigger the cancer process, as well as help the body detoxify carcinogens, according to the science newswire Ivanhoe.

“It’s very healthy. I think the ingredients in the beer are very good,” says Dr Werner Back, a brewing technology expert at the Technical University of Munich.

Xanthohumol contains more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E and some studies indicate it helps reduce oxidation of bad cholesterol, the newswire reported.

“Xanthohumol has been shown to be a very active substance against cancer,” says Dr Markus Herrmann, also of Munich. “It comes in small sticky beads, which you find within the hops.”

Hops have always been known to possess medicinal properties and are used in herbal medicines as a muscle relaxant. Other compounds found in hops are potent phytoestrogens. Scientists say these compounds could ultimately help prevent post-menopausal hot flashes and osteoporosis.

Now scientists have discovered hops contain xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant.

“It comes in small, sticky beads, which you find within the hops,” says Herrmann.

Xanthohumol shuts down enzymes called cytochromes P-4; they can activate the cancer process. It also helps the body detoxify carcinogens, stopping tumour growth at an early stage.

Preliminary studies at Oregon State University show that xanthohumol can kill breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers, the newswire reported.

But don’t toast your health too soon. The German researchers warn that it would take 60 regular beers to equal the amount of xanthohumol researchers are able to brew in this one beer.

That’s why scientists are now working on ways to give all beers higher levels of Xanthohumol, and even find ways to add it to other foods, like chocolate.

And they say, just like chocolate – the darker the beer, the better it is for you.

Jan 14
16 year old throws a huge party, isnt sorry.
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Cory, A 16 year old teenager throws a huge party at home while his parents are gone. His neighbors cars are destroyed, the cops come, and he’s royally busted. On top of it all they police are threatening to bill him for their services from between $18,000-$20,000. Is he sorry? Nope. It ‘wasnt his party’ since it occured in the street.

Our favorite quotes include:

Reporter: Why dont you take your glasses off so we can see you, and then apologize.

Cory: No, nah, I’ll leave these on, I like em.

Reporter: Why dont you make a grown up decision now and accept responsibility, take off those glasses, and apologize to everyone. Take off, take off your glasses

Cory: I’ll say sorry but I wont take off my glasses.

Reporter: Why not?

Cory: Because they’re famous.

Reporter: I suggest you go away and take a good long hard look at yourself

Cory: I have, everyone has, they love it.

Jan 14
How To Open A Beer Bottle With A Chainsaw
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